Waterproof canvas has been used in Australia since the early days of settlement for protection from the harsh and unpredictable Australia climate.  Canvas remains the traditional Australian fabric for weather protections and recreational covers due to its breathability, comparatively light weight, natural cotton appearance. 

We use only Dynaproofed canvas made in Australia by Wax Converters Textiles (WCT), an Australian owned company based in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. 

Dynaproofed canvas 

The Dynaproofed production process ensures the chemical formulation is penetrated into the yarns of the base fabric.  This is achieved by fully immersing the fabric into a padding bath and then squeezing the formulation into the fibres.  This system also allows the fabric to "breathe" as the woven base fabric is not sealed by a coating.  

The Dynaproofed process guarantees to be waterproof with every batch of canvas being produced to exacting standards and tested for Hydrostatic pressure as well as Cone Test leakage. 

UV and Rot/Mildew Resistant
The Dynaproofed chemical formulation also combines for resistance against degradation caused from harmful UV, as well as resistance against bacteria, algae and fungi growth. 

While the canvas guarantees to be waterproof, the technicallly superior production system for Dynaproofed canvas fabrics ensures the chemical formulation is fully immersed into the base fabric and squeezed into the fibres.  Unlike coated fabrics, this exclusive Dynaproofed process allows for the unique fabric attributes of both waterproofness and breathability therefore reducing the possibility of condensation forming. 

Construction and Dimensional Stability 
Dynaproofed fabrics are chemically treated to remove residual weaving lubricants.  During this preparation treatment the fabric is also processed to control the shrinkage and dimensional stability of the canvas and to allow for "take up" of the seams after sewing


Coolabah is a superfine 65/35 Poly/Cotton woven “Japara” quality, 8 ounce tenting fabric. It has been especially designed and developed for the continental and family-style frame tent, for both roofs and walls. Coolabah is also recommended as a high quality walling for campervans where a large amount of fabric can be folded into a tight compact area. 

We use Coolabah for products which need to be strong but not bulky, including our seat back organisers and mini duffle bags.  


Billabong is the highest quality, light-medium weight (10.9 ounce), blended 64/35 Poly/Cotton plain weave canvas tent fabric available. Billabong is a very tightly constructed fabric as it is woven from fine yarn counts. Billabong is designed specifically for higher quality family frame tents and campervan roofing and walling. 

We use Billabong for products which require some ridigity and which are likely to be exposed to tough conditions, including our grab bags.


DX12 is a medium weight, general-purpose blended poly/cotton canvas which is suitable for a wide range of applications. These include: swags, marquee and tepee roofs and walls, temporary shelters, under tarpaulins, box-trailer covers and heavy-duty campervan roofs and walls. DX12 is also perfect for annexe roofs in semi-permanent situations, as well as high quality family marquee roofs and walls.

This is a rugged and strong canvas, designed to provide maximum strength while still remaining durable. We use DX12 for our heavy duty products, including our rear wheel bag. 

Recommendations for Use and Maintenance

New canvas should be thoroughly wet before use and allowed to dry, where guaranteed waterproofness is needed.  Repeat 2 - 3 times to ensure sealing up of any seams.

Clean only with cold water and brush - do not use soap or detergent and make sure that the product is completely dry before storing.

Do not expose to petrol, oil or solvents.    

Dynaproofed canvas is an industrial textile.  From time to time, it may be subject to random aesthetic imperfections.  These imperfections are cosmetic only and wil not impact on the performance of this high quality canvas.